sizing & care


  • Ring Sizing:

The ring sizes listed in our shop are US sizes. If you don’t know your size, the best way to find out is by visiting a local jewelry shop and ask them to measure your finger. Another way to figure out your ring size is by measuring the inside diameter of a ring you already own. You can also purchase a ring sizer to determine your ring size. Feel free to contact us if you need help figuring out what fits best for you.


  • Sterling Silver Care:

Silver will tarnish over time! Especially when you are not wearing them. We suggest storing your silver jewelry in an airtight bag to prevent tarnish. Clean with lemon juice, baking soda and warm water. Let it dry thoroughly with a polishing cloth.

  • 14K Gold Jewelry Care:

Clean your 14k gold jewelry with a soft brush, dish soap and warm water. Let it dry thoroughly with a polishing cloth.

  • Pearl Jewelry Care:

Avoid chemicals like sunscreen, lotion, oils, perfumes, etc! DO NOT shower, swim, sleep or exercise in your jewelry. Avoid banging your jewelry on hard surfaces, take them off at the end of day. Clean with a soft cloth and warm water. Do not use hot water or strong soaps as this can discolor them. Don’t clean your pearl pieces in an ultrasonic.